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  1. The practice is now South Leicestershire Medical Group following a merger of two practices. In Kibworth the surgery is now in Smeeton Road whilst the surgeries in Market Harborough and Fleckney remain the same. See the practice web site.
  2. The health facilities for Medbourne described below (including prescription delivery to the Village Hall) were suspended at the start of the Covid pandemic and haven't been restored (yet). It is unclear what will happen in future.

Once the future is clear this page will be updated in consultation with the practice. Please ignore what follows.


The medical facilites at Kibworth also include a pharmacy, whose function is to dispense medicines to patients who do not live within easy reach of a local pharmacy. This applies to Medbourne residents who also benefit from a medicines delivery service, see below.

Health Facilities in Medbourne

Every Monday at 3:00pm a nurse-led surgery is held in the Village Hall where one room is adapted for the purpose. This surgery can provide a variety of healthcare functions including:

  • Distributing prescriptions.
  • Treating minor ailments, e.g. infections, wound care, rashes, etc.
  • Health screening, e.g. blood pressure review.
  • Blood tests.
  • Some vaccinations, e.g. influenza, but not travel vaccinations.
  • Carrying out annual reviews.

For services other than prescription delivery, see below, the procedure is to make an appointment by calling 0116 279 2422; the receptionist will advise whether the appointment can be fulfilled in Medbourne or will require a visit to Kibworth.

Prescription delivery

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered for delivery to the Medbourne surgery on Monday afternoons in one of three ways:

  • Take the presription to the surgery on Monday to be delivered the following Monday.
  • Call the Kibworth pharmacy any time up to the Thursday before the required delivery.
  • Online, take a look at the Dispensary page of the Practice web site where, under the heading Order Medication Online you will find the procedure for obtaining access to the online system.