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Medbourne Photo Gallery - 3

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Click on the photos below to bring up a larger image and full caption. To submit photos for the Gallery simply email the Site Adminstrator with the photo as an attachment.

Medbourne brook in flood 1
Medbourne brook in flood 2
Medbourne brook in flood 3
Medbourne brook in flood 4
Churchwarden retires
Pork pie competition
Main Street in the snow
Nevill Arms in snow
Frozen brook and towpath
Frozen brook and ford 1
Frozen brook and ford 2
Frozen waterfall
Hoar frost
One tree landscape - Blaston Field Road
Phone box in frost
St. Giles in snow 1
St. Giles in snow 2
The Village Hall in snow 1
The Village Hall in snow 2
The wooden bridge over a frozen brook
St. Giles at night
The Nevill Arms
The hunt
Medbourne Brook
Playground and sports field
The children's playground
On the bowling green
Springbank from church tower
View from the church tower
4 Springbank from the church tower







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